Family Owned

We have been family owned and operated since 1985 with well over 500,000 successful flights and counting!


We have a perfect safety record!


All of our Captains are United States Coast Certified and Drug-Free. They have been in the business with over 50 years of combined parasail experience!

Why should you fly with Adventure Parasail?

  • We offer gentle and dry takeoffs & landings from our Coast Guard certified parasail boat.
  • You can stay dry or get dipped in the water, it’s completely up to you.
  • You can fly single, double, or even triple! Fly with a friend!
  • Because it’s great family fun!
  • Fly 600, 800, or even 1,000 feet!
  • We’re conveniently located just 2 blocks off of the Virginia Beach resort strip at the far corner of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center.
  • Because anyone can parasail……
    • As long as you’re 4 years old and 40 pounds
    • Unfortunately pregnant women are unable to fly due to coast guard regulations
  • We offer completely free parking at The Virginia Beach Fishing Center
  • If you make reservations today you’ll receive a free photo or a free video of your experience!


Do I need prior parasail experience?

No, if you can walk onto our parasail boat by yourself and if you can sit down, you should be able to parasail.

How does the whole thing work?

Each parasail boat has a self-contained launch and recovery system. You safely take-off and land directly from the back of the boat.

Will I get wet?

You don’t have to get wet. Getting wet can be half the fun. We’ll dip your toes if you request to get wet (at no additional charge).

Are there age or weight restrictions?

The minimum weight to fly alone is 40lbs., but it does increase and decrease depending on wind and water conditions. The maximum combined weight limit is 600lbs. This depends on weather conditions, as well. The minimum age allowed to fly or ride along is now four years old due to new insurance restrictions. We have a very comfy waiting area, we are next door to a local’s favorite restaurant and raw bar ”Big Sam’s” and a large marina with a lot of great sights to see.

How long is each trip?

Each flight averages 8-12 minutes from take-off to landing. The higher you choose to go, the longer the flight. The whole adventure, once you leave the dock, is about an hour.

How many people can fly together?

We are the only parasail company in Virginia Beach with over 30 years of a perfect safety record, flying up to 3 people at a time!

How high do we go when we fly?

Our flights range from 600-1000 feet of line. The 1000 foot flight is our most popular ride, you are as high as the hotels and you can see for miles down the beautiful coastline, inland and offshore.

Are there sharks in the water that might bite me?

No one parasailing has ever been attacked by a shark or any other fish. You will be parasailing over the Atlantic Ocean. There are sharks in the ocean, but we can confidently say they have never been interested in parasailing.

What happens if the tow line snaps or the boat breaks down?

To insure this never happens, we insist on a rigorous maintenance program for all our equipment. In the unlikely event of problems with the boat or tow line, the parasail would slowly float down and gently land in the water. Safety flotation jackets are worn by all fliers, so there is no risk of drowning. The boat will circle around immediately, so by the time you land safely in the water, we’ll be there to pick you up. BUT PLEASE NOTE WE DO HAVE A PERFECT SAFETY RECORD FOR 3O YEARS AND COUNTING!

If I am pregnant can I fly?

Sorry, no pregnant women can fly or ride out on the boat as an observer because of new state safety and insurance regulations. No exceptions, sorry., safety comes first with us.

What if I have a back or spinal injury?

Unfortunately, due to the bumpiness of the boat ride, we suggest you don’t fly or ride as an observer.

What if I am physically challenged? Can I fly?

That depends on each individual’s abilities. To fly you must be able to get on the boat. Once onboard, you will be harnessed and will need to walk about 10 feet and up three steps, to the flight deck. If you can manage these steps on your own, you can parasail. Our crew can assist, but is unable to physically carry passengers.

Can I take a camera on the boat or up in the air?

Feel free to bring a camera on the boat. However, we only allow waterproof or disposable cameras up in flight, for obvious reasons.

What should I wear?

We suggest you wear your bathing suit or something light and cool, that you don’t mind getting wet.

Are reservations recommended?

Absolutely! Parasailing is one of the most popular activities in Virginia Beach, so we suggest you make reservations to make sure we have a spot for you on one of our boats.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation for a complete refund.

Please Note: Our rates are subject to change, so please call for updated information. Please check out our coupon page for discounts.

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  • Weekend:9am to 6pm
  • Holidays:9am to 6pm

Perfect Safety Record

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